Photo courtesy: Hot Wheels
Photo courtesy: Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels is selling Tesla Cybertruck toys. And Elon Musk is mighty surprised

  • The toy model of Tesla Cybertruck is not the first time that Hot Wheels has tied up with the EV maker.

American automaker Tesla has created a Cybertruck remote control toy as part of a new partnership with Hot Wheels. And Tesla CEO Elon Musk had ‘no idea this existed’. 

Taking to Twitter, Elon Musk praised the effort saying ‘Sounds awesome though!’ After pictures and reports of the miniature Tesla Cybertruck appeared online.

Although the fact that there will not be any Tesla Cybertruck on the roads before next year, one can pre-order these miniature Hot Wheels remote control cars. The miniature versions were unveiled during Toy Fair 2020 in New York.

Tesla Cybertruck miniature on sale on Hot Wheels
Tesla Cybertruck miniature on sale on Hot Wheels

This is not the first time that Hot Wheels has tied up with Tesla. The first time a Tesla car came out in a toy form was the Tesla Roadster. Later, the company also created products based on the Model S, Model X, and Model 3.

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Two versions of miniature Cybertruck are available online. One version is a classic small Hot Wheels toy car, as we all know from our childhood, but with the difference that the Cybertruck also has a driver. The second version is larger and, of course, more expensive.

The smaller versions in 1:64 scale cost $20. The larger version of the Cybertruck is in 1:10 scale and has a price tag of $400. This version is currently sold out, but you can join the wait list.

The Cybertruck 1:10 scale is of course more detailed and has more features. The most interesting features include functional lights, four-wheel drive, two driving modes (Chill and Sport), a fully functional manually operated ramp, a functional load compartment cover, or a reusable broken window sticker referring to a trap with broken windows that happened unveiling Cybertruck.

Hot Wheels designers have studied a real Cybertruck from every angle to capture as much detail as possible. As part of this project, they even met Tesla's design team.

Mattel has already opened pre-orders but the delivery of these miniature Cybertrucks is scheduled to begin sometime in December of this year, which is approximately a year before deliveries of the actual Tesla Cybertruck.