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Fiat Chrysler is working with US government officials to recall one million vehicles with four-cylinder engines that may cause too much pollution.

The issue of excess tailpipe emission was discovered by the company during internal testing of vehicles with 2.4-liter 'Tigershark' engines, that date back to at least 2013. These engines are used in several Jeep SUVs as well as some Fiat cars. The carmaker is working to identify the affected vehicles and develop a repair.

Upon finding the fix of the problem, Fiat will review the proposed solution with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and then initiate a recall campaign. The testing of the repair solution is in the works and the customers will be informed once it becomes available to use.

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The affected engines are used in current versions of the Jeep Compass, Cherokee and Renegade SUVs as well as the discontinued Dodge Dart compact car and Chrysler 200 midsize car. “As this population ages, some vehicles exceed in-use emission requirements, depending on drive cycle and mileage," Fiat was quoted as saying by the Detroit Free Press.

The issue is not connected with any other emissions problem and the EPA does not plan any enforcement action against the company, Fiat further said.

Last year, Fiat agreed to pay hundreds of millions of dollars as well as a $300 million fine to the US government in order to settle allegations that it cheated on emissions tests. Separately, the carmaker has paid money to settle lawsuits of similar nature in the past.

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