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FASTag: How to buy and install for a hassle-free drive

  • FASTag is linked to one of your savings accounts and is attached to the vehicle's windshield.
  • It ensures the driver saves time, fuel and energy, and enjoys a halt-free drive along Indian highways.

FASTag has become a must for all vehicles from December 15. Private or commercial all vehicles must adhere electronic toll payment through FASTag.

FASTag is linked to one of your savings accounts and is attached to the vehicle's windshield. Every time the vehicle crosses a toll plaza, the money gets deducted from the linked bank account using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

If you haven’t got FASTag for your vehicle already, here’s what you can do:

Where to buy: You can FASTags via authorized banks such as Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, Syndicate Bank, SBI, IDFC Bank and ICICI Bank. FASTags can also be purchased on Paytm, toll plazas, RTOs, common service centres, transport hubs and select petrol stations.

Documents needed: To buy FASTag, you will need a few documents as proofs. If you are buying through Paytm, all you need to do is upload vehicle registration certificate (RC) documents online.

For banks, toll plazas and FASTag website, one has to submit vehicle registration certificate, passport photo and KYC documents. For a vehicle registered under a corporate name, one needs to have a PAN card of the firm and photo ID of signing authority will be required.

Cost: For buying FASTags through Paytm, one has to pay 500, with a charge of 100 for the tag, security deposit of 250 and a threshold amount of 150. For buying it through banks, one has to pay around 400 or 500, with 100 as cost of FASTag, 200 as security deposit and 100-200 as threshold amount.

Installation: Open the tag and position it in the center of the windscreen for easy reading. This is because the scanner at the toll plaza is placed at the center of the roof.