File photo of Elon Musk. (AP)
File photo of Elon Musk. (AP)

Elon Musk spends New Year's eve at Tesla factory to help deliver vehicles

  • 48-year-old Elon Musk is learnt to have a 120 hours-a-week work schedule.

2019 was quite the roller coaster year for Tesla and saw the company ending it on quit a high with the unveiling of the Cybertruck in November and rolling out the first batch of cars from its China plant - first outside of the United States. Demand for Tesla cars has seen an upswing and the company's CEO Elon Musk decided to spend New Year's eve at the California plant to help with the deliveries.

Musk tweeted on Tuesday that he would be at the Tesla plant in California to help with the deliveries of the cars here. And while he did not mention if he would pull in extra hours, Musk's decision to be here was appreciated as yet another example of how hard he works for things that he is passionate about.

This is not the first time that Musk has opted to spend certain special days working. In an interview to New York Times, he had explained that he spent his 47th birthday working in his company's offices.

48-year-old Musk is learnt to have a 120 hours-a-week work schedule.

Tesla managed to deliver 97,000 vehicles in Q3 of 2019 which is a record for it. Year 2020 can be even bigger as the company consolidates its manufacturing facility in China - the world's largest electric car market, and looks to open a Gigafactory just outside of Berlin in Germany.