Photo courtesy: Screen grab from a video posted by @phildoeshair
Photo courtesy: Screen grab from a video posted by @phildoeshair

Coronavirus: Lyft driver makes containment compartment in car to protect himself

  • A video of the driver posted online got mixed reaction from Instagram users. One wrote, "Air's the dude breathing then?"

Amid coronavirus scare, a video is doing the rounds on the social media which shows a cab driver making a container with a plastic sheet to cover himself completely.

An Instagram user @phildoeshair shared the video of the scene with the caption, "My Lyft driver created this airtight seal in his car. If anyone out there is doing Lyft or Uber for work, you may consider doing this to protect yourself and others. Just wanted to post this so you can see how one guy is helping keep himself and others safe."

In the shared video, the man can be seen driving the car -- fashioned inside a self-containment compartment made out of plastic and tape with a box of tissues sitting at his side.

As the post went viral, social media has been abuzz with reactions. "That's not obstructing his rear view mirror?" asked one user.

Another wrote, "Air's the dude breathing then?"

A post read, "That's ridiculous. He should just wear a face mask if he's that paranoid. Clownworld."

"Good on him for doing the best he knows how!" a user remarked.

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