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Even as governments around the world are encouraging people to limit how much time they spend outside of their homes, there is an increasing call from medical professionals for people with cough, fever and other such symptoms to get themselves checked for coronavirus. But what is the middle path here - stay at home to stay safe or step out for that medical check that could be all-so crucial?

The answer could well be in your car.

Several states in the United States appear to have taken a cue from drive-through restaurants and drive-in movies to now start opening drive-through medical facilities. People are being encouraged to step in their cars, reach a medical facility with drive-through assistance, halt momentarily to deposit their samples - while remaining in their cars, and driving off. One of the major advantage of such a facility is that the risk of spreading or catching infection is kept to an absolute minimum because people never really even step out of their vehicles and the entire process could be over in a matter of minutes.

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According to a Reuters report, Seattle and New York state have begun experimenting with drive-through coronavirus test sites. The site in Seattle, in a parking garage here, has medical professionals in safety suits come in and collect samples from people who remain in their cars at all times.

Other states and cities in the country are now reportedly readying similar facilities that could act as coronavirus test centers.

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