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Panasonic Automotive has introduced its new Augmented Reality (AR) Head-up Display for vehicles at the ongoing CES 2021. The new technology from Panasonic can detect speed of moving objects from afar, detect pedestrians and guide for a seamless, more engaged and informed driving experience.

The new 4K AR HuD system projects 3D, AI-driven key information into the driver's line of sight to help reduce driver distraction and potentially increase safety on the road.

The HuD was developed by Panasonic in partnership with holographic startup Envisics. The deal announced ahead of the virtual 2021 CES tech trade show.

The key features of the new AR HuD include Eye tracking technology. The AI-driven technology detects and provides multi-colour 3D navigation graphics for the drivers that adjust with moving vehicle's surroundings, displaying information like lane markers and GPS arrows at turns and sudden obstacles. It could even be used for night vision applications such as overlaying enhanced information upon a dark road to make it clear where the road is going and what obstacles might be out there.

"The HuD market is one of the fastest growing categories in mobility, but traditional HuDs only cover a small section of the road," said Scott Kirchner, president Panasonic Automotive and executive director, Panasonic Smart Mobility. "Panasonic's AR HuD solutions cover more of the roadway, with traditional cluster content like speed and fuel in the near field as well as 3D overlays in the far field, showing navigation and other critical driver data mapping spatially to the road ahead. And in a future with more self-driving vehicles, our AR HuD could provide an important added level of comfort and assurance for AV passengers as well." 

The advanced optical design techniques provide expanded field-of-view and detects pedestrians and objects through enhanced low light and nighttime view. Panasonic's proprietary camera image stability algorithm enables AR icons to lock onto the driving environment regardless of the bumpiness of the road.

Panasonic also announced two variants of in-vehicle wireless charging technology at the CES 2021. The wireless charging system aims to be more efficient and can be accessible in any vehicle without the hassle of plugging in. It offers one of the fastest charging times with its 15W charging port.

  • First Published Date : 12 Jan 2021, 03:35 PM IST