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File photo used for representational purpose. (Courtesy: Youtube)
File photo used for representational purpose. (Courtesy: Youtube)

Apple Car rumours resurface, report suggests talks with Toyota in the offing

  • It is being reported that Apple may work with Toyota on battery development-related ideas for its rumoured semi-autonomous vehicle. 

Time and again, there have been reports and rumours about Apple looking at a debut in the world of automobiles. While Apple indeed has a Project Titan in place and is learnt to be working with automotive experts and engineers, details remain as closely guarded as these are when it comes to any other upcoming Apple product or software innovation.

The latest, however, is that Apple representatives are scheduled to held talks with representatives from Toyota for talks about what well could be a potential partnership for vehicle development.

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As per this report, officials from Apple are looking at talks with counterparts from Toyota in what is being speculated as a potential partnership for battery development. While details remain very scarce and because neither Apple nor Toyota has made any official statement, the reported talks could well be in the absolutely initial stages.

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That Apple has been on the lookout for partners from the world of automobiles, however, is hardly a secret. It had been in talks with Hyundai Motor earlier this year and this has been confirmed by the South Korean company. It was reported at the time that Apple wasn't too pleased that Hyundai had confirmed the talks. Needless to say, the talks fell apart eventually.

In more recent times, Apple has reportedly also been in talks with SK Group and LG Electronics, apart from Nissan and Magna.

It is reported that Apple is looking at driving out its semi-autonomous electric vehicle by 2024. If true, it could create a massive ripple in the world of automobiles and may not just pose a challenge for Tesla but be a threat to traditional auto companies. With more and more consumer electronics-based companies looking at entering the automotive space - Xiaomi and Huawei to name a few, the dynamics of mobility are set for a significant change.

  • First Published Date : 04 Sep 2021, 12:11 PM IST