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Another monsoon day and another sorry sight across Gurugram, a city which claims to be one of the sparkling examples of buzzing satellite metropolis. Heavy showers in Delhi and NCR region drowned several roads with Gurugram bearing the maximum brunt of it. Rainwater gushed on main and arterial roads as cars of almost every shape and size waded through bonnet-deep water in a scene reminiscent of August 2019.

Last year, motorists were stranded for hours as heavy showers had flooded roads connecting Delhi and Gurugram. Civic authorities had been lambasted for their lack of preparations. As the sun peeped from behind the clouds, the anger evaporated too, only to return in full fury Wednesday morning as roads here once again disappeared.

Apocalyptic-like scenes were reported from many parts of Gurugram as underpasses were completely flooded while roads were choker-blocked due to rainwater. Arterial roads fared no better as parked cars in many residential colonies were seen with water almost up till the side window line levels.

It was even harder for those on two wheelers to make their way forward and many either had to turn back or were left malfunctioning.

'Gurugram flooded' soon began trending on social media outlets with locals thundering at authorities. "Pathetic level of administration in the so called Millennium city called Gurugram," commented one user on Twitter. "It's water all around in the Millennium City after heavy rain on Wednesday. Underpasses, National Highway service lanes, group housing societies and city roads are all flooded," reported another.

Many areas, quite obviously, reported massive traffic snarls although the number may be fewer than before owing to 'Work From Home' policies in place in Covid-19 times.