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When General Motors announced that its iconic Hummer will be reintroduced as an electric vehicle, it made a lot of headlines across the world. There were doubts about the GMC Hummer EV’s offroading capability. However, staying true to the iconic badge, the GMC Hummer EV seems to be well capable of taking on rough terrains.

In a new video surfaced on the web, a GMC Hummer EV test vehicle is seen having fun in the snow. General Motors posted a short video on Facebook of the Hummer all-electric pickup truck sliding around an empty parking slot doing donuts in some fresh snow. The video doesn't make any revelations about the specs of the Hummer in the test. "Enjoy a powdered donut on us," was the caption accompanying the video. As it appears, the Hummer EV showcased in the video is a test vehicle.

Reviving the Hummer in an all-electric avatar is part of the American automobile giant’s strategy to stop selling conventional fuel-powered vehicles by 2035. While the deadline is 14 years away, the automaker is planting the seeds from now with products like Hummer EV. The all-electric pickup truck has made an appearance in GMC’s 2021 Super Bowl and for Fat Tuesday.

One thing is clear from the video that the Hummer with an electric heart will have plenty of juice to have fun in a variety of road conditions.

The GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 model will arrive later this year with a price tag of around $112,595 (Approximately 8,198,733), while there will be a cheaper variant available later in 2024 at a price tag of $79,995 (Approximately 5,824,926).

The Hummer has been one of the iconic vehicles in the history of automobiles, especially because of its extensive usage by the American armed forces. However, it is yet to be seen how the Hummer EV comes into play for the men in uniform.