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There has been a scary video that emerged online showing a fire truck ramming into a fuel station after colliding with a large SUV in the US. The incident took place in Detroit. As the security camera footage from the gas station shows when a fire truck that was speeding to a scene of fire slammed into the gas station after being T-boned by an SUV.

It has been reported that the fire truck was speeding towards the intersection at Dequindre and State Fair with its emergency lights flashing and, probably its sirens blaring.

There was a black Lincoln Navigator that failed to give the truck enough room and rammed into its side. Trying to save the SUV and its occupants, the fire truck tried to avoid the SUV and lose control in the process and steered into the gas station, where a white van was refueling.

While the SUV rammed into a lamp post on the corner of the intersection, the fire truck rammed directly into the side of the white van. The van spun around due to the impact and a fire erupted immediately at the gas filling station. However, reports say the fire didn't last long as it was controlled quickly.

The security camera footage also shows that other fire trucks arrived at the scene of the incident to douse the fire that erupted due to the crash.

Immediately after the crash, the two occupants of the white van were seen running away from the scene to safety. The Detroit police have started investigating the incident but yet to determine whose fault it was. The witnesses claimed that it was just a blind-sided accident.

The seven individuals involved in the entire crash have minor injuries but nothing major, as the Detroit police have reported.