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Conventional vehicles or vehicles running on petrol and diesel may be in twilight zone as the call for a ban on their sale is gradually gaining momentum the world over. The United States has a fair share in the global sales of electric vehicles - seen as a viable alternative to vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE). And Joe Biden, the country's president, is now being urged to take firm and concrete steps to ensure sales of ICE vehicles are put to an end about a decade and a half.

According to reports, two senators in the US have urged Biden to end sale of ICE vehicles in the country by 2035. In a letter to the US President, Senators Dianne Feinstein and Alex Padilla have urged Biden to set out a clear goal in this regard. They have also reportedly asked Biden to take a cue from California's push towards clean mobility. The US state had previously announced it will ban sale of ICE vehicles by 2035. While the state has a significantly lower per capita emission than most other states, most of the emissions here do come from vehicles. Hence, the move.

While California checks emissions on its own as per waivers obtained from US' Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), many other states are also looking at aggressive steps to tackle vehicular emissions. But many state that a collective step, led by Biden, is what is the need of the hour.

Banning - or at least announcing a ban - isn't a drive next to a clean, green park.

While several manufacturers have either rolled out their electric vehicles or at least announced plans of going electric, the changeover requires huge investments and technical knowhow. And although Biden has vocal about his views against emissions, walking the talk may indeed require firm and concrete steps.