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The auto industry is one of the biggest employment generators in the Indian manufacturing sector. However, there are severe gender inequalities in the sector. TVS Motor Company is one of the major players in the two and three-wheeler segments of the domestic market aims to reduce that gap. The two-wheeler major has said that it aims to increase its women workforce to 25% in the FY22 from current over 15%.

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R AnandaKrishnan, Executive Vice President, Human Resources and Information Technology, TVS Motor Company, has talked about this strategy in an interview with ET. He said how this move could increase the company’s workforce diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The women represent one of the largest pools of untapped workforce talent for auto manufacturers. As the studies suggest, closing in the manufacturing sector’s gender gap is a key to businesses’ ability to evolve and grow further. According to the studies, diversity in the workforce helps businesses by fostering innovation.

TVS Motor Company claims to be running an engine assembly line with 90% women employees. The auto manufacturer claims that this assembly line has contributed zero defects, extremely low re-work, and zero discipline issues as well. Inspired by this example, the company now aims to increase the percentage of its women employees in the total workforce.

Interestingly, TVS is not the only auto manufacturer in India that is focusing on gender diversity in the workforce. MG Motor India too has announced that it aims to employ a large number of women employees in its workforce. Back in 2019, the automaker owned by SAIC claimed that its Halol manufacturing plant had 40% women employees in its workforce at the shop floor level, the company had 31% of the total workforce comprised of women workers. The automaker aims to increase the number in the coming days to make its workforce more diverse.