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Faraday Future is gearing up to generate a whole lot of buzz with its upcoming FF 91 electric vehicle. And the American start-up technology company is promising to make the ride for passengers at the rear more fun as it introduces a giant, at least for a vehicle, 27-inch backseat screen with a video conferencing feature. Founded in the year 2014, this is going to be the company’s ultra-luxury vehicle.

The company is soon going to close a SPAC deal with Property Solutions Acquisition Corp which will help in the production of its FF 91 electric vehicle. The start-up also aims to start the production in the next 12 months after closing the deal.

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The Los Angeles-based electric vehicle maker intends to make the FF 91 the ultimate combination of technology and luxury. With this move to provide a 27-inch Rear Passenger Display (RSD) in its vehicle, the company wants to carve its niche in the EV market. This screen will operate on voice command and will enable the backseat passengers to have video conferences on the go.

Hong Rao, the vice president of I.A.I at Faraday Future said that the company wants to keep upgrading the level of experience for its customers. “We continually seek out and discover new ways to enhance both the user and the unique mobility experience of the FF 91, and with these features, we believe our users will truly benefit from the advanced technology we are incorporating into our vehicles," he said, according to Electrek.

The latest FF 91 will not only offer a near-future sophistication with its big screen and innovative interior but will also be power-packed when it comes to performance. It has a 130 kWh battery pack with 1,050 horsepower and claims to hit 100 kmph speed from zero in under 2.4 seconds.