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File photo used for representational purpose. (AP)
File photo used for representational purpose. (AP)

This country may have law against driving on low fuel. And fine may be hefty

  • A vehicle stalled in the middle of a road may cause collisions and accidents that can even be fatal for some fellow motorists. 

Many of us see the low-fuel warning sign turn on and still know that there still are several kilometres left before we may have to press the panic button and hunt for a pumping station. Usually, the warning sign comes on with the vehicle still able to travel around 30 kilometres, if not more, depending on the model.

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But what if the calculations are wrong and the vehicle stops high and dry? This is precisely what UK lawmakers are considering and may soon bring out rules against.

Recognizing that if a vehicle runs out of fuel, it could plonk itself in the middle of a busy street or motorway, and therefore cause inconvenience to other motorists, a law is reportedly being considered to ensure that low-fuel driving is frowned upon. According to UK's Mirror, if the law does come into effect, it could also invite a hefty penalty.

While the proposal isn't exactly meant to impose penalty on an owner whose car is flashing the low-fuel signal, the penalty could be severe if his or her car stalls due to this reason. It could well mean a fine of around 100 pounds and even de-merits on the driving license of the person behind the wheels. The penalty and fine could increase significantly if the stalled vehicle results in, or contributes to, a collision.

Driving on low fuel is widely recognized as a dangerous trait and can potentially harm the vehicle itself. In the UK at present though, it is reported that many are delaying a refill because of a massive shortage in supply.

Motorists in the UK are currently in a state of panic buying with long lines in front of fuel stations due to lack of supply caused by a shortage in drivers of heavy vehicles that usually transport automotive fuel to pumps.

  • First Published Date : 27 Sep 2021, 10:15 AM IST