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Having basic technical knowledge about your car is also recommended.
Having basic technical knowledge about your car is also recommended.

Things you should always keep in your car

  • Keeping some basic tools and items in your car can save you in crisis.

When you are out on the road, be it for daily commuting or for weekend drives on the highway, you never know what kind of situation you could be dealing with. You can get stuck in the hills on a road trip or trapped on the side of the highway with no mechanic around. These are a few of the stressful situations that motorists often face.

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However, these situations can be made easier with a little preparation by keeping some simple things in the car. Here are some key things you should always keep in the car.


First Aid Kit

Keeping a first aid kit in the car is very crucial. In case, you get in a mishap, or if someone is hurt outside the car, a first aid kit can help you to keep a handle on most things until there is any medical professional attending the situation. A first aid kit should have some common things inside. These are burn ointment, anti-bacterial ointment, bandages, cleansing alcohol solution etc.


Jumper cables

Machines can be unreliable. Hence, keeping a few jumper cables handy in your car can save you from being stranded for too long on roadsides. If you have been using the same set of cables for long time, it is time to replace them. Also, keep checking whenever you take out your car for a long trip that the cables are not damaged or too rusted.


Flat tyre kit

A flat tyre can be a motorists nightmare and one of the most annoying things. Keeping a flat tyre kit in your car can save you in situations when your tyre blows. Always keep a spare tyre in the back of your car and remember to check it regularly to make sure that it is properly inflated. Also, keep some basic tools like jack, lug wrench to jack up the car and take off the lug nuts from the wheels. A tyre pressure gauge might not be an essential item, but keeping it can be a good idea.


Fire extinguisher

A fire extinguisher can be really helpful in case a fire erupts in the car due to some reason. At least it will help you to get some amount of control over the situation before it becomes a disaster.

  • First Published Date : 25 Mar 2021, 07:23 PM IST