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Tata Motors on Saturday informed it has delivered 51 Winger ambulances to the zila parishad (district council) of Pune to assist medical professionals in their fight against Covid-19. The ambulances are primarily meant for patient transportation and have a partition to keep the driving compartment separated from the rest of the cabin.

Winger, states Tata Motors, has been designed for patient transportation and the 51 handed over recently have been specifically adapted to take care of the driver while transporting Covid-19 patients. The company further claims that a flat torque curve means that Winger has a high fuel efficiency while its monocoque chassis would help in smoother patient transportation and better abilities to navigate through narrow roads.

Tata Motors is confident that the ambulances would be able to help medical professionals perform their duties more effectively. "The Tata Winger platform is a versatile one and is perfectly suited for several applications. Tata Motors stands together with the country in its endeavor to fight COVID-19 and we are determined to support the government in providing better and quicker healthcare to all," said Vinay Pathak, Vice President, Product Line, SCV, Tata Motors.