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Geely-owned British automaker Lotus is gearing up to produce electric cars moving ahead. However, there is a way through which the internal combustion engine-powered technology of Lotus would remain on road through other brands.

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Radford, a coachbuilder that started operations back in 1948, same time as Lotus, has announced that the company is making its first car that will be based on Lotus' technology.

The Lotus technology-based Radford sports car is expected to be unveiled in 2021. It doesn't mention whether the car will come as a conventional ICE-powered vehicle or as an electric vehicle. Overall, Radford's upcoming car will be totally bespoke.

Radford reveals that the car is currently in the advanced stage of development. Mark Stubbs, owner of Radford said that the company's first car will be totally new and something very special. He also said the body of the car will be sleek and elegant, while the interior will be cosseting and luxurious. According to the company, its driving performance will be out of this world.

As it appears, the Radford model will be uber-luxurious and totally customizable. So far, Radford will use its expertise in coachbuilding to make the exterior and cabin of this model. On the other hand, Lotus Cars will take care of the powertrain and other mechanical bits.

Mark Windle, Managing Director of Lotus Cars said that a limited run of the most special of coach-built vehicles is engineering nirvana as it allowed the British company to break free of the usual parameters of a more conventional project. "Lotus Engineering has a long history of such special collaborations and I’m sure this one will be recognized as among the most unique and fantastic," Windle added.

Complete details of the first Lotus-based Radford car are expected to be revealed later this year. The company will also soon commence receiving bookings for the project.

Coachbuilders attempting to manufacture cars is nothing new. Famous Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina is one of the best examples that has ventured into car manufacturing after years of building coaches and designing exotic cars. The company designed several Ferrari models and later tried its hand in making its own car named Battista.