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Samsung has been a name to reckon with in the consumer electronic space for decades. Whether it is about home appliances, computing or smartphones, the Korean brand is well recognized the world over and has a strong expertise in a number of fields. It is perhaps based on this expertise that Samsung is now eyeing a bigger role in helping to develop cars of the future - battery operation and beyond.

So is Samsung looking at entering the automotive space with its own offering? Well, not quite yet but Samsung fans would be pleased to know that the company is increasingly looking at tie-ups and collaborations with established car makers to help accelerate the development of cutting-edge technology. It may not be a Samsung car but there would perhaps be a bit of Samsung in many cars in upcoming times.


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For instance, Samsung SDI - an affiliate of the Samsung Group - had announced back in 2014 about working closely to research battery technology. The idea was to develop ultra-light lithium ion battery concept. And while not much has been known about the teamwork in the ensuing years, the statement of intent was clear.

Much more recently, Samsung decided to look within Korea and has reportedly started exploring the possibility of working with Hyundai Motor Group to explore how both can together chart a course that defines the future of mobility. According to a report last month in The Korean Herald, the top leadership of both companies have held meetings to explore how research into future mobility can be hastened and expanded at Hyundai and Kia Motors’ research and development center in South Korea's Gyeonggi Province.

The same report also highlights how Samsung's Lee Jae-yong has been readying Samsung for a role in the auto component field. Samsung's acquisition of Harman International - a brand well known for making infotainment units - was also a step in this direction.

Many reports suggest that Samsung's expertise in 5G and 6G telecommunications technologies and its research into AI can be of valuable help to Hyundai while Hyundai provides a global base for Samsung's arrival into the automotive space.

It may be a win-win situation for the companies but the two working closely is most likely to benefit the end customer looking for an even more loaded and tech-driven ride in the years to come.

  • First Published Date : 01 Aug 2020, 09:52 AM IST