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German police have started investigating the fire incident at the construction site for the electric vehicle Tesla's upcoming Gigafactory near Berlin, which is going to be the auto manufacturer's first production plant in European content. The manufacturing plant is set to start operations later this year.

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The investigators are looking into whether the fire was a case of arson, with political implications. A group of radical left activists have already claimed responsibility for the fire at the site publicly, which raised the concern.

The fire started early Wednesday morning and its probable target was multiple power lines that head into Tesla's upcoming manufacturing facility. However, due to timely steps, the total area damaged by the fire was not more than around 3 square metres.

According to Reuters, LKA state criminal investigation officials a case of arson isn't being ruled out. Instead, the investigators are looking into a letter that made its way onto social media platforms.

The letter was first published on a radical left media platform, claiming that the group cut Tesla's power supply by setting fire to six high-voltage cables above ground. The letter also said that Tesla is neither green, ecological or social.

The upcoming Tesla facility near Berlin has been making headlines for quite some time, for plenty of wrong reasons. It has faced severe opposition from environmentalists. The plant has been accused of cutting trees indiscriminately and wasting ground water incessantly. Also, there were multiple second world war era bombs found at the construction site that were defused.