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Legendary football player Diego Maradona passed away on Wednesday at the age of 60 from a cardiac arrest. His death came as an enormous shock to millions of fans and admirers around the world with even world leaders paying tribute to a man whose skills on the football field - and charisma off it - made repeated headlines for several decades. With skill comes fame and with fame often comes wealth. As such, there is now a complex inheritance process that awaits his next of kin, one that would also decide the fate of his long list of supercars, luxury vehicles and even an amphibious tank.

It is reported that Maradona's garage had several expensive vehicles which will now become part of his will and what could make the inheritance process complex is that the iconic player has a large family - eight children from six of his partners.

Maradona is learnt to have been gifted two luxury vehicles when he worked as the Technical Director of Fujairah Football Club in Dubai. As the honourary president of Dynamos Brest Club in Belarus, he had also been presented with a ambibious tank called HUNTA Overcomer which can reportedly float on water.

Apart from these, it is widely reported that Maradona's garage has had a Porsche 924, Ferrari Testarossa and a Scania 113H truck. It isn't confirmed if he still owned these at the time of the death and so if these too would be part of the inheritance.

What is certain though is that the vehicles confirmed to be in Maradona's garage will be part of a much larger asset list which includes properties, investments and jewels, among others.

According to certain reports, the legal period for heirs and creditors to present their attendance is 90 days but many experts expect it to be significantly longer in this particular case. In the instance of internal family disputes, a conclusion to the inheritance process could take even longer than usual. And the possibility of disputes are real because Maradona's family has been involved in a series of differences in recent times.

(With inputs from Reuters)