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Anand Mahindra on Friday shared a video which showed a transport van fitted with a pull-out storage tray containing multiple bottles of alcohol. Neatly stacked side-to-side, the bottles were stored hidden in plain sight in what was otherwise an empty section of the transport van. Calling it diabolically clever, Mahindra also chose to underline that this won't ever be part of product development at his company's research center.

The video appears to be from a location in Gujarat, as per the vehicle's numberplate. Gujarat has a complete ban on alcohol but there have been numerous reports of illegal transportation and selling of liquor here. In the particular video shares by Mahindra, officials are seen taking off the numberplate before pulling a storage sheet from under the main cargo area of the vehicle. It is then that the real contents of the vehicle are clearly seen - multiple crates of beer, several whiskey and vodka bottles, among others.

Mahindra, who is known to share interesting videos on his Twitter feed, appeared surprised. And understandably so. "Diabolically clever. Gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘Payload!’" he wrote. "But I assure you this kind of innovation was not part of the design brief for the pickup truck Product Development team at our research centre, nor will it EVER be!"