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Vehicles meant to ferry people for essential services and exempted from curfew rule will have to use colour-coded stickers, said the authorities in Mumbai. The move is claimed to be helping these vehicles to operate with more ease and also limit vehicular traffic on the roads.

For this purpose, Mumbai Police has issued red, green, and yellow coloured stickers. As the Mumbai Police says, this will ensure the strict imposition of the Covid restrictions announced by the Maharashtra government to curb the rising coronavirus disease cases. The colour coding of the vehicles will discourage people from getting out unnecessarily, claims the Mumbai Police.

These coloured stickers for vehicles will be in form of six-inch circles and will be available at checkpoints and all toll plazas free of charge.


Red sticker:

Vehicles that are used by healthcare professionals such as doctors, medical staff, alongside ambulances and medical equipment suppliers will have to have the red stickers.


Green sticker:

Vehicles involved in transporting essential items such as food, vegetables, fruits, groceries, and dairy products will have green stickers.


Orange sticker:

Vehicles used by officials of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation or BMC, people involved in essential services, electricity, and telecom department personnel, members of the media will have to use the orange sticker.


Misuse of stickers will lead to strict prosecution:

Mumbai Police commissioner Hemant Nagrale on Saturday has said that only the designated persons and authorities can use the dedicated colour-coded stickers on their vehicles. He also warned against the misuse of these colour coded stickers and said that doing so will lead to strict prosecution.


Meant to curb unnecessary traveling:

Maharashtra continues to witness a record number of new Covid-19 cases. As a result, the state government has imposed Section 144 all over the state to curb the spread of the contamination. Mumbai along with cities like Pune and Nagpur are among the worst-affected urban areas in the world. In such a scenario, the introduction of colour-coded stickers is expected to curb unnecessary traveling.