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Audi is planning on using a single, powerful computer to control both powertrain and chassis components. This will help Audi to help all these vehicle systems complement each other for better driving characteristics and even improved efficiency.

The computer that Audi plans to use is ten times more powerful than the chassis and powertrain computers already used. The system promises to improve traction and stability control, better gear selection, smoother ride quality, more precise torque vectoring and more.

It will operate about ten times as fast as current systems and be able to control up to 90 se – compared to about 20 in the case of the current Electronic Chassis Platform (ECP). New as well will be its modular usability for diverse types of powertrains, in other words, ICE-powered, hybrid or electric vehicles, as well as front, all-wheel or rear-wheel drive systems for electric models.

One of the examples that illustrates Audi's efforts in the technical design of the chassis is the electric roll stabilisation used in the Audi SQ7 and SQ8. Due to smart interlinking, the system can unfold its full potential. Body roll of the full-size SUV during cornering and load changes is reduced to a minimum. In addition, it provides the Audi full-size SUVs with amazingly high lateral dynamics capabilities resulting in an impressive driving experience for the driver.

In fast cornering situations, due to the electronic adjustment of the stabiliser bar, body roll is reduced because the stabiliser, within milliseconds, smoothly lifts the vehicle side that is on the outside of a corner against the centrifugal forces with a moment of up to 1,200 Newton meters. This makes higher cornering speeds possible and clearly reduces load change reactions as well.

Exactly 40 years ago, Audi revolutionised the automotive world with its permanent quattro all-wheel drive. In 1980 Audi had presented a new approach to chassis technology that still decisively underpins the slogan 'Vorsprung durch Technik', which means progress through technology.

With the help of smart interlinking by the ECP, innovative chassis systems such as electromechanical Active Roll Stabilization (eAWS), the predictive active suspension and Dynamic All-wheel Steering (DAS) are able to unfold their full potential.