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If speed and safety even got together for a synthesis, the manifestation would perhaps be a customized and armoured Audi RS7. This is what has been turned into a reality, however, by AddArmor, a company specializing in equipping regular vehicles with cutting-edge safety features to protect it from a wide variety of attack threats.

Not that the Audi RS7 is a regular vehicle. The mean machine from the German luxury car maker is a speed demon but the customized version from AddArmor takes the safety features inside and all around the car to a whole new level. The twin-turbo 4-litre V8 engine is a power monster in every right and can possibly outrun most vehicles. It, however, may never be able to outpace bullets and so, the customized car is fitted with polycarbonate weave all around which is reportedly 10 times lighter than steel while weighing significantly less. What it ensures is protection from a number of projectiles while not compromising on the performance capabilities of the RS7.

The vehicle is also fitted with ballistic glass which can not only absorb impact form objects like stones, bricks and baseball bats but also block bullets.

In addition, there is a neat list of quirky protective devices which will promise to keep people with violent and/or nefarious designs at bay. This includes electric-shock door handles, loud siren, pepper-spray dispenser, smoke screen system, explosion-detection system, 360-degree night vision camera and - hold on, a biometric gun rack to accommodate pistols and assault rifles.

The entire protection kit costs around $205,000 (around 1.50 crore) over and above the price of the RS7 itself. Now here's a really fast car with a really menacing armour.