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Cringer 21C hypercar. (Czinger)
Cringer 21C hypercar. (Czinger)

American company makes 3D printed hypercar, may cost around 14 crore

  • Czinger introduced its 21C hypercar last year.

  • Czinger says that this hypercar has a powertrain that can churn 1250 hp and also attain the speed of 100 kmph in 1.9 seconds.

The American car company Czinger announced its first hypercar early last year but its details were far from reach after the pandemic began. But Cringer's 21C is back on the radar and it looks quite futuristic. The hypercar gets a 3D printed body where each component of the car has been computationally engineered, printed and assembled.

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This contributes to its low weight.

This is the company's first model in a series of exclusive performance vehicles. The automaker that uses an in-house invented Human-AI production system to build these vehicles claims that Cringer 21C touches the apex of human-AI creativity.

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Showcased last year in March before the Geneva International Motor Show was cancelled, only 80 units of this hypercar will be produced. Each component of this car that has been manufactured using AI, has been optimised in terms of weight. With an updated width of 2050 mm, this hypercar with a dry weight under 1240 kg is capable of stirring up 1250 hp.

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The 21C has a 2.88 litre, flat-plane crank V8 with twin turbos, located mid-vehicle, is coupled with an 800V electric drive and regen system. An e-motor can drive each front wheel and the batteries can be charged during operation both through regenerative braking and a Motor Generator Unit (MGU) that uses a gear drive that is attached to the IC engine.

The hypercar has a top speed of 452 kmph and the company also claims that it can reach almost 100 kmph in 1.9 seconds. According to reports, each Czinger 21C will cost about $2 million that is around 14 crore and the deliveries will be made in the year 2023.

  • First Published Date : 06 Jun 2021, 01:31 PM IST