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A lot of people think of their vehicles as an extension of their home. At a time when the whole world is increasingly working remotely due to Covid-19 restrictions, some have even turned their cars into workspaces. But at the Tokyo Virtual Auto Show, Japanese carmaker Nissan Motor has introduced a new initiative called Nissan Customiser 2021. Nissan plans to develop a new type of vehicle, which looks like a van, that will also allow one to work from anywhere . This is the Nissan NV350 Office Pod Concept.

The Nv350 Caravan Office Pod Concept unveiled, can be considered the perfect vehicle for professionals who love to travel and who love the great outdoors. The reason is that this caravan has a real workspace at the back of the van that unfolds via your smartphone . This retractable workspace accommodates a desk table, desk chair and desktop computer from Herman Miller.

Gone are the constraints of going to the office or working from home, the NV350 is a versatile vehicle that can handle all types of terrain. If one has the urge to work from a remote location, which now has become popular as workation, the user can deploy your desk and work in the back of the caravan concept. A transparent panel on the floor of your office will also allow users not to lose the connection with the outside.

But that's not all. Nissan has thought of adding a balcony as well on the roof of the NV350 caravan. An user can access it from the bedroom area which is also inside the caravan.

In short, combining relaxation, travel and relaxation is now possible with this NV350 caravan from Nissan. Once the user is done working or relaxing in the great outdoors, all he needs to do is pack up and hit the road.