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Tesla stock may be touching new highs with passing times but the electric vehicles made by the California-based company may be dealing with several quality issues in the US. In rankings recently revealed by J.D. Power Initial Quality Study in the country, the EV-maker was placed right at the bottom of a list that was jointly-topped by Kia Motors and Dodge.

The J.D. Power Initial Quality Study ranked 32 auto makers in the US based on problems reported by owners per 100 vehicles. These problems range from actual technical faults to perceived faults which may be reported by few and not by others. Tesla, according to the report, suffered 250 problems per 100 vehicles which meant that it was placed right at the bottom of the rankings. At the other end of the list, there were 136 problems per 100 cars from top-ranked Kia and Dodge. The industry average was 166.

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There are two factors that are important to take note of. This was the first time that Tesla was included in this study and that the study only accounted for Tesla cars and problems reported in 35 states in the country. The company had reportedly not given permission to J.D. Power to survey owners in 15 other states, according to US media reports. "Unlike other manufacturers, Tesla doesn't grant us permission to survey its owners in the 15 states where it is required," Doug Betts, President at automotive division of J.D. Power informed in a press statement.

While Tesla vehicles continue to enjoy a prestigious status and the company is ahead by miles in the electric mobility race, technical faults have often cast a shadow on its almost cult-like status. From automatic acceleration without warning to faults in the central infotainment screen and question marks on its AutoPilot features, Tesla cars have seen a fair share of issues. Several reports in the US have also highlighted how Tesla's latest Model Y SUV has 'significant quality issues' which range from the back seats not attaching to its base, to paintwork coming off.

Even as Tesla CEO Elon Musk is working overtime to meet production and delivery deadlines for Model Y and to ramp up its production, he has also highlighted to employees at the Fremont plant to minimize rectification needs.