Summer on wheels
Summer on wheels

Summer on wheels

Riding a motorcycle in this simmering heat can be an arduous task. HT City points out a few dos and don’ts for a pleasant ride.

With the soaring mercury threatening to break records every other day, even thinking about taking your motorbike out on the streets is a nightmare. But everyday, millions of two-wheeler riders have no other option but to envy those driving air-conditioned cars while they brave the heat on the city's roads. Here are a few tips that will make life easier for bikers this summer.

Cover up
It's hot and even a puff of breeze seems heavenly. But remember, it's the hot winds loo that cause most harm. Full mask helmets, gloves, sunglasses and preferably a light wind-cheater are a must. Girls can use light scarves and full-sleeved shirts. This also helps keep your shirt clean when you enter office!

Be ready
Having a box fitted to your darling bike is one of the un-coolest thing according to most bikers, but trust us, it's a saviour in summers. And if you can fit a layer of thermocol inside, even better. Store water, ice, medicines and even a deodorant to refresh you after that sweaty ride. Keep a spare spark-plug handy because these can can go kaput anytime in summers. Follow them right Avoid standing close to AC cars — they emit a lot of heat. Don't accelerate unnecessarily and heat up the engine. Cover the seat and petrol tank with a cloth when the bike isn't in use. Drink a lot of water before and after every ride under the sun.