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Mahindra is betting big on Thar 2020.
Mahindra is betting big on Thar 2020.

Stay cool, kids: Anand Mahindra to Scorpio, Bolero as new-gen Thar beckons

  • Social media handles of Mahindra vehicles were buzzing and all set to welcome 2020 Thar.

Mahindra cars were buzzing on Twitter a day before the unveiling of Thar 2020 with the official handles of Scorpio, Bolero and XUV500 putting out messages in what was a mock friendly and human-like banter to usher in the sibling in its latest version. And quite obviously, it took Anand Mahindra to put the final word in as he underlined the Thar's unveiling details.

(Update: Thar 2020 unveiled, promises to marry off-road capabilities with city-drive comfort)

Thar 2020 will be unveiled in India on Saturday and this is one of the biggest events in the Indian automotive calendar for the year 2020. The wait for the vehicle has been long and eager, prompting even siblings Scorpio, Bolero and XUV500 to belt out messages on their respective Twitter handles.

Thar 2020 is likely to get an open-top version and Scorpio's Twitter handle wondered if Bolero too would be going that way. 'I might as well, especially since we are under lockdown," came the prompt reply from Bolero's handle.

Thar's Twitter handle also joined in, urging the two to be patient while XUV500 followed it up with a curious message of what its smaller but more capable sibling would look like.

Anand Mahindra finally brought the social media conversation between the vehicles to an end. " Stay cool, kids. @MahindraScorpio, @MahindraBolero, @MahindraXUV500, @MahindraXUV300. Patience is always rewarded. Just be there at 11am, Independence Day to welcome the new @Mahindra_Thar to the family. Keep your motors running or you may eat dust," he tweeted.

Mahindra's social media team seems to have aced their game as the friendly banter - possibly juvenile to a few - was a good way to show the bonhomie in the car maker's garage as well as add to the excitement of the new Thar, a car that promises a whole lot more in city conditions while retaining its off-road genes.

  • First Published Date : 15 Aug 2020, 10:11 AM IST