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Petrol and diesel prices on Sunday remained unchanged after touching new highs. Petrol and diesel prices in Delhi stayed at 90.58 and 80.97 per litre on Sunday, respectively, as per the price notification from oil marketing companies (OMCs). The auto fuel prices in Mumbai remained unchanged with petrol and diesel being sold at 97 and 88.60 per litre, respectively.

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In other cities like Chennai, petrol and diesel prices remained unchanged at 92.59 and 85.98, respectively. In Kolkata, petrol and diesel are being sold at 91.78 per litre and 84.56 per litre, respectively.

In other cities across the country, petrol is priced at more than 90 per litre, while diesel is being sold at more than 80 per litre. Premium petrol prices have crossed 100 per litre mark in several cities in the states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra a few days ago.

On Saturday, auto fuel prices including both petrol and diesel touched an all-time high with a hike of 39 paise per litre and 37 paise a litre, respectively.

In February 2021, the prices of petrol and diesel have increased sharply across India. In the last two weeks, retail prices for petrol have increased by 3.63 a litre, marking a record surge since the pricing of the fuel was deregulated in 2010. Diesel prices too have gone upward by 3.84, putting massive pressure on the motorists.

The end-retail prices vary from state to state depending on the quantum of taxes in each state. The retail price of petrol and diesel include central and state tax, VAT, dealer’s commission etc. In Budget 2021 earlier this month, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman imposed an agriculture and infrastructure cess on fuels that have added the burden further.

Such a phenomenal price hike in both petrol and diesel follows a surge in crude oil prices in the international market. India imports around 85% of its energy needs from foreign countries. Brend crude crossed $65 per barrel this week as the energy crisis in the US worsened and took out almost 40% of the country’s crude production due to the severe weather.

  • First Published Date : 21 Feb 2021, 11:45 AM IST