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Kia will debut a new one later this year. According to reports, the new Kia logo could debut in October 2020, together with a 100% electric model.

The current black oval logo is simple, but not very surprising. This will change soon, however, because a report by a Korean magazine claims that the car maker's bold new logo will be applied to the Korean company's vehicles in October and will be inspired by the logo that appeared on the radical Imagine Concept.

"The new emblem is similar to that of the Imagine concept car , but it will look a little different," said the president of the Korean house, Park Han-wood. This is the first time that Kia has officially recognised that its corporate logo has changed.

The new Kia logo could be exclusively reserved for its electric cars
The new Kia logo could be exclusively reserved for its electric cars

The logo images presented at the Korean Intellectual Property Rights Office correspond to the comments of the company's president. The new logo proposed by Kia closely resembles the design shown on Imagine Concept, which features a stylised version of the word "Kia" with each letter joined. It has not been confirmed which model of the Korean house will first be updated with the new logo, but rumours suggest that the Hyundai group company could reserve it for electric and hybrid models to distinguish them from combustion models. After all, the new Volkswagen logo also made its debut on the electric ID.3.

Kia already has fully electric versions with e-Niro and Kia Soul , but has 23 electric vehicles by 2025, about half of which are 100% electric. The new strategy called "Plan S" is expected to lead Kia to sell over 500,000 electric vehicles per year by 2026. At least as far as planning aspires.

The arrival of a new electric vehicle , 100% electric, is therefore likely by 2021. Probably an SUV. And the new logo would embrace Kia's future corporate transition. " A dedicated electric model will be introduced in 2021 and will take the form of a crossover and will have a driving range of over 500 km with a full charge in less than 20 minutes, " said the CEO of Kia.