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Photo courtesy: Twitter/@SYP_Specials
Photo courtesy: Twitter/@SYP_Specials

Driving minus tyre: Intoxicated man steers car without care, without wheel

  • Drunk UK man, with expired license and no insurance, ticks almost every road offense category.

If you have ever been told that you are the world's worst driver, cheer up. You aren't. A man from Yorkshire has a serious claim on that infamous title. And the title of possibly being the most careless as well.

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South Yorkshire Police recently took to Twitter to post a picture of a car that was battered and bruised from all ends. The department informed that the man driving the Peugeot was under alcohol's influence to such an extent that he did not even realise one of the wheels of the vehicle was missing. Adding surprise to shock, they also informed that the man did not have any of the basic documents needed to drive a vehicle. "Found this Peugeot tonight and arrested its driver for an expired license, no insurance, leaving an RTC, not showing up to court (x2) and last but by no means least, for driving whilst so incredibly drunk he failed to realise he was missing a tyre" wrote South Yorkshire Police on the micro-blogging site.

Instances such as these, shocking as they obviously are, are not as rare as it would seem. In UK itself, there have been instances of drunk drivers totaling their cars, seldom after driving their vehicles without even a tyre(s).

Driving under the influence (DUI) is an extremely serious offence the world over and invites heavy penalties, jail time and revocation of driving permits. And rightly so. DUI is one of the leading causes of road accidents and fatalities around the world. It is generally agreed that while the threat of penalties is a deterrent, spreading awareness of the risk of DUI is also seen as something that should be given high priority.

  • First Published Date : 18 Dec 2019, 10:04 AM IST