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Iconic British luxury carmaker Bentley Motors has seen its best sales quarter in the first three months of the year in its history of 102 years. Its achievement comes at a time when most carmakers around the world are struggling to achieve their targets and put a brake on their losses.

Bentley has announced its performance in the first quarter of 2021 which saw its sales jump by 40% compared to the same period last year, just before Covid-19 pandemic hit the world forcing lockdowns. Bentley has also improved its earnings by registering an increase in profits which stands at £56 million (roughly converted to a little over 525 crore).

What makes Bentley’s achievement sweeter is the fact that the carmaker managed to do it despite United Kingdom, its home base, was under lockdown for most parts of these three months. However, the Q4 results for Bentley would not surprise a lot since it registered record sales last year with 11,206 units sold in 2020.

Leading the pack for Bentley was the Bentayga SUV. Bentley sells four Bentayga SUVs, the best-seller from the British carmaker, in every 10 cars. Bentayga, first launched in 2015, has already crossed 25,000 production landmark.

Also popular, and key to the British carmaker's success has been the new Flying Spur. Bentley has also built 40,000 examples of the Flying Spur since 2005.

China and United States remain the two biggest market for Bentley. In China, Bentley clocked an impressive 187 per cent growth in the first three months this year, while its sales in the US has grown by around 17 per cent. In UK, where Bentley is based, the carmaker managed to register around 15 per cent growth despite Covid-19 challenges.

Bentley recently achieved a major production milestone of producing its 200,000th luxury vehicle in over 100 years of luxury car manufacturing. The 200,000th vehicle was a Bentayga Hybrid SUV which marked the company's shift towards electrification of its cars.

At the Bentley's manufacturing facility Crewe, the carmaker has so far produced more than 155,000 cars since 2003. The facility, where Bentley employees painstakingly build each car with their hands, has contributed to more than 75 per cent of Bentley's 101 years of production in these last 18 years.