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A video of a semi-trailer truck losing balance while taking a turn and flipping onto a parked police patrol car has went viral. The incident, which was captured by a dashcam, took place at the intersection of Atlanta Road and Windy Hill Road in Smyrna, Georgia, last week, Fox5 reported.

The Pro Tree Service semi-truck that slammed right on the front of the police car trapped an officer sitting inside while its trailer hit another vehicle parked beside the police car.

The video of the incident was posted on YouTube. Pictures of the accident too were shared on Twitter by the Smyrna Police Department.

The Smyrna and Cobb County Fire Departments together extricated the officer who was later identified as Smyrna Officer P Colburn. He was rushed to the nearby Kennestone Hospital. The Smyrna Police Department has confirmed that the officer is safe and suffered only minor injuries.

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Investigation into the accident is underway by the Cobb County Police Department’s Selected Traffic Enforcement Unit at the request of chief Joseph Bennett.

It still remains unclear if the driver of the semi-truck suffered any injuries. It is also unknown why the vehicle lost control while turning at the intersection before flipping onto the cop car. It is speculated that a white van crossing the intersection at the same time might have caused the truck to roll over onto its side.