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A Tesla Model S car cut a sorry figure in the US recently after a valet reportedly decided to try out the Cheetah Mode in the car but was unable to control it. Cheetah Mode basically makes minor adjustments to the car in order to extract a better performance from it.

The incident was reported on Reddit where a user uploaded the dashcam video of the incident and said that a valet at a luxury resort in San Antonio ended up damaging the car after he activated the Cheetah Mode.

While it is reported that the valet company owned up to the incident and has provided the owner with a replacement vehicle for the time it takes the Model S to come back from the repair shop, many have commented on the fact that the in-dash cam recorded the video of the incident and had not left the company with much choice.

Still others ave highlighted that the owner should have activated the Valet Mode in the car before handing over the keys. This mode restricts the use of certain features in a Tesla and also limits speeds. It is not known why the owner had not activated this mode.

Tesla cars are loaded to the brim with gizmos and gadgetry to ensure safety but some of these need to be activated manually by the owner of the vehicle for these to solve the intended purposes. In rare instances otherwise - like that of the damaged Model S with a broken fender, it could not only mean risk to lives but can also rake up a hefty repair bill.