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Lamborghini to see if synthetic fuel has a future before retiring ICE supercars

  • Lamborghini plans to launch at least two pure electric supercars by the end of this decade.
Lamborghini plans to launch at least two pure electric supercars by the end of this decade.

Lamborghini took its first step towards electrification in 2014 with the Asterion hybrid concept. However, it was until early 2023 that Lamborghini introduced its first production PHEV model Revuelto. The V12 engine-powered model will be followed by the Huracan replacement and an updated Lamborghini Urus in 2024, which will come powered by hybrid power plants combining an internal combustion engine with a battery pack. The sportscar brand plans to launch the purely electric Lanzador in 2028, while the second-generation Urus EV will be introduced in 2029. While the automaker is focusing on bringing in pure electric supercars later this decade, it is taking a wait-and-watch strategy to decide the future of ICE models, reported British automotive publication Autocar UK.

The report has cited Lamborghini Chairman and CEO Stephan Winkelmann saying that the automaker is yet to decide whether their internal combustion engines are going to live into the 2030s. The Lamborghini boss reportedly argued that the ICE supercars could survive if synthetic fuel production ramps up.

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Winkelmann has reportedly stated that Lamborghini can wait a few more years to see whether synthetic fuels can save the internal combustion engine cars or not. His comment comes at a time when there are some major uncertainties regarding synthetic fuel as it is unclear whether regulators will accept this fuel globally. Also, there are questions if production can be ramped up to meet demand.

The Lamborghini CEO reportedly said that it would be an easier leap for the brand to keep the internal combustion engines alive and make them run on synthetic fuels rather than installing electric motors and a battery pack. He also believes that future performance-oriented electric vehicles will be more agile than equivalent ICE counterparts by taking advantage of improved battery energy density. He hopes that future EVs will come with smaller battery packs ensuring they are less heavy.

First Published Date: 29 Oct 2023, 11:01 AM IST
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