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Electric pick-up trucks from Nobe. (Nobe/Facebook)
Electric pick-up trucks from Nobe. (Nobe/Facebook)

This tiny electric pickup truck gives 1950s vibes

  • EV startup Nobe will introduce its Nobe 500 miniature electric pickup truck in 2022.

  • The electric truck has been designed keeping in mind the classic Ford F-series.

Nobe, an Estonia-based startup, is ready to introduce its Nobe 500 small electric pickup truck next year. This retro-styled electric vehicle will come with a carbon fibre chassis. The images of this pickup truck first appeared on the company's official Facebook page.

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Nobe, which means 'quick', has taken the inspiration to design its electric pickup truck from the classic Ford F-series, Carscoops reported. The exterior of the electric truck sports a curved bonnet and chrome elements. The whitewall tires and the well-crafted front and rear fenders give the electric truck a cutesy look from the 1950s. The rear of the truck also has wooden extensions which add to its retro look.

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The EV will have an electric powertrain that will generate a power output of about 92 hp. The pickup truck from Nobe can also touch the speed of 98 kmph in under six seconds. The report also mentioned that its 25 kWh battery can provide the electric vehicle with a range of 257 km. Another report by L’Automobile has also suggested that this pickup truck might also come with an adjustable air suspension.

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An earlier report by Jalopnik had mentioned that the company aims to bring Nobe 500 pickup truck and another of its three-wheeler EV called Nobe 100 to the United States. However, a fire in 2019 destroyed the brand's workshop and also a couple of its prototypes. Despite the incident, the company is back with its production plans and hence ready to manufacture its first model with the help of a UK-based company, Far.

The startup is yet to reveal the price of the electric pickup truck.

  • First Published Date : 26 Sep 2021, 12:00 PM IST