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Petrol and diesel prices remained unchanged for eighth day on Wednesday. The last change to the motor fuel prices was made in March. Since, then the prices of both the motor fuels have remained unchanged.

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In Delhi, per litre petrol and diesel prices are 90.56 and 80.87, respectively. In Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata, petrol prices are 96.98, 92.58 and 90.77 respectively for a litre. On the other hand, diesel in these three cities are priced at 87.96, 85.88 and 83.75, respectively for a litre.

In March 2021, petrol and diesel prices were cut three times resulting in petrol becoming cheaper by 61 paise per litre and diesel prices were reduced by 60 paise per litre.

In the last one year, petrol prices have gone up by a record 21.58 per litre, while diesel prices have increased by 19.18 a litre. The surge in petrol and diesel prices are majorly attributed to the increasing rate of crude oil in the international market. Also, the high rate of tax by central and state governments play key role in the price hike for the petrol and diesel.

The central government makes up for 32.98 per litre of the price of petrol in Delhi and sales tax or VAT of the state government constitutes 19.55. In case of diesel, the central excise adds up to 31.83 and VAT to 10.99. Besides that, the fuel prices also include a dealer commission of a minimum 2.6 per litre on petrol and 2 on diesel. Overall, the central and state government taxes contribute around 60% of the retail price.