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One uniform solution in mobility for every market is not how Kia plans on catering to its customers across the globe and instead, is betting on customized offerings to better cater to the varying needs. As such, the Korean car maker recently announced that mobility solutions in different markets would be different, based on the needs and aspirations of customers in each region.

Kia only made its debut in India in August of 2019 but has managed to emerge as a power player courtesy Seltos SUV and Carnival MPV. It is now gearing up to drive in Sonet sub-compact SUV, a car that is primarily targeted towards India. And while the company assures that the quality of the Sonet in India would be the same as anywhere else it may be offered, upcoming mobility solutions offered by the car maker in all its products would be customized as per markets. “Kia is striving to provide customized products and differentiated mobility services based on its long history in automotive manufacturing," said President and CEO Ho Sung Song. "Kia will further enhance its collaboration with global partners to offer regionally customized mobility services as it implements its ‘Plan S’ strategy."

'Plan S' strategy is Kia's move to diversify mobility services in strategic regions around the globe.

Kia has already partnered with Ola and Revv in India and with Grab - Southeast Asia’s largest ride-hailing company - to offer customized solutions in emerging markets which may be different from those in North America, Europe or even home base of South Korea. "These partnerships will enable Kia to better understand the mobility needs of its customers in the development of future vehicles," a statement of the company informs.