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With summer knocking on our doors, it is time to get the car prepared for the intense heat and humidity. Not only occasional long road trips but day to day commuting in and around the city too takes a toll on the car. Hence, it requires special attention.

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Here are some easy and basic important tips to keep the car running in a healthy condition during this summer.

Air conditioner

That’s certainly the most important thing one should check before summer. In case of optimum air conditioning not available from the car’s AC, it is time to get the car checked by a qualified mechanic to fix the issues. After all, nobody wants to lose sanity while driving due to the intense heat and humidity.

Coolant system

Not just the humans, the cars too require cooling during summer. The coolant level of the vehicle should be checked alongside the hoses and the reservoir. The connection points and joints should be checked thoroughly, while there must not be any leaks.

Sunshade and dashboard

Many car owners park their cars in the open letting them exposed to the sun and heat. It is important for them to buy a good quality windshield cover that would protect the dashboard from direct heat. This way, the cabin of the car too will remain cooler. The rear sunshade too is important as it will help to protect the rear seats and dashboard.

Air filter

The nozzles of the car such as drainage points, the air filter might get clogged due to dust and debris. Hence, these parts deserve a thorough cleaning in order to get optimum performance from the vehicle and also to make sure no damage is caused to the car.


A very important element to be checked all throughout the year and especially during summer is the tyres. The rubber elasticity and air pressure of tyres fluctuate due to the intense heat. Hence, it is always best to ensure the air pressure on all the tyres is in alignment. Apart from that, the treads should be checked if they are free of stones, nails etc. Keeping a spare tyre in the car is always recommended.


Rubbers of wipers often develop wears and tears during the summer, due to exposure to sun and heat. Worn wipers can leave streaks on the windshield affecting driving. Hence, the wipers should be checked during servicing of the car.