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The Delhi Pollution Control Committee has sealed 28 illegal scrapping units in the national capital that dismantle 'end-of-life vehicles' in an unscientific way, leading to air pollution.

'End-of-life vehicles' (ELVs) mean petrol vehicles which have completed 15 years of registration and diesel vehicles which have completed 10 years of registration and those which have become unusable due to accidents or otherwise.

Such vehicles end up in illegal scrapping units where these are dismantled in a crude and unscientific way, generating toxic fumes and chemicals affecting air quality.

A study conducted by the Central Pollution Control Board says that about 25 per cent of waste materials, with the presence of heavy metals, waste oils, coolants, ozone-depleting substances and others, from an ELV, poses a potential environmental threat.

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The DPCC conducted surveys in Nangli Sakrawati, Nilothi, Mundka, Mangolpuri, Mukundpur, Ghevra, Tikri Kalan areas and sealed 28 illegal vehicle scrapping units.

Equipment such as gas cutters, grinders and welding machines have been confiscated, it said in a statement.

The panel has also decided to impose heavy penalties and launch prosecution against such illegal activities, the DPCC said.

"There will be zero tolerance against such illegal scrapping activities in Delhi since the city has been declared as an air pollution control area," it said.

Last year, a large number of operators involved in such activities were removed from Mayapuri area.

The pollution control body said licensed agencies with adequate area, proper equipment and waste processing facilities have started operating in NCR cities such as Greater Noida and Sonepat.

It is expected that more such units having adequate facilities should come up to provide a suitable environment for the scrapping of ELVs, the DPCC said.

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