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At a time when the Centre has made it mandatory for all vehicles to be installed with airbag facilities for increased road safety, one of the global manufacturers of airbag inflators have decided to set up shop in India. Autoliv, which is regarded as one of the leaders in automotive safety systems, has announced its plan to build a new inflator manufacturing plant in the country.

"The establishment of the new inflator plant is another milestone of Autoliv's development in India, demonstrating our strong commitment to customers and to the Indian market," said Joydeep Roy, Autoliv India President and Managing Director.

"We are optimistic about the business prospect here. We will continue our dedicated work of leading the way to Saving More Lives in India and being a trusted supplier and partner to our customers," he added.

Inflator is a device placed inside an airbag which deploys during a crash. It triggers inflation of the airbag to cushion car occupants when involved in such situations. During a crash, sensors in the vehicle send signals to the control units of the airbags. It then decides whether the crash is big enough to deploy the airbags and sends signals to the inflator. The inflator, which is filled with gas, fills up the airbag to protect passengers inside the car.

Autoliv claims its single-stage and dual-stage inflator technologies are proven to meet the most stringent governmental and customer requirements worldwide. It can produce a quantity of gas, with a certain composition and temperature, at a controlled rate, which then fills the airbag system to sufficiently cushion an automobile occupant from certain injury scenarios.

Autoliv entered the Indian market in 1994 and it currently has six facilities across the country. Autoliv India has its corporate office, Engineering Centre, and Airbag facilities in Bangalore. The new inflator plant will be built near Chennai.

According to Autoliv, the localisation of inflator production will meet customer requirements while mitigating global supply chain disruptions and fluctuations. The new inflator plant will further encourage sustainable market growth in India from global and local OEMs.

Autoliv's decision to set up a new facility comes close to the Centre's announcement that there should be mandatory provision of dual airbags (front row) in all cars manufactured and sold in India. The rule will be applicable for all cars manufactured in the Indian market starting from April 1, 2021.

  • First Published Date : 13 Mar 2021, 12:46 PM IST