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Anand Mahindra on Thursday took to Twitter to highlight the positive response in the bidding for the first Thar 2020 unit which has been put up for auction in a bid to generate funds which can help in the battle against Covid-19. The amount in the winning bid will be matched by Mahindra and donated to oragnizations battling the pandemic.

While the official launch and price details of Thar 2020 will take place on October 2, the SUV is getting a whole lot of traction in the Indian car market. As such, the exclusive Thar #1 is also getting a lot of spotlight. "The battle is on. The bids are coming in fast & furious. It’s fantastic to see the passion for this car and for giving to a good cause," wrote Anand Mahindra on his micro-blogging account. "What a pleasure it will be to recognise the winning bidder & thank her/him personally."

While the auction is for a noble cause and Anand Mahindra will himself meet the eventual winner, the SUV itself will be one-of-a-kind. Mahindra informed that the first unit of Thar 2020 will come with a special badge that highlights its uniqueness. Additionally, the owner's initials will be featured in a customized badge and the vehicle will carry number '1' on the dashboard and leatherette seats.

The winner of the auction will be able to choose between Naandi Foundation, Swades Foundation and PM Cares Fund for the donation of the charity amount.

Thar 2020 promises a new level of excitement among those looking at combining the best of off-roading abilities and daily commute rides. It now comes with a plethora of options - diesel and petrol, automatic and manual transmission etc, while getting an updated cabin.

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Features like an infotainment screen, roof-mounted speakers, splash-proof switches and air conditioning are ways Mahindra is looking at wooing a larger audience. Buyers can choose between the LX - oriented more for an urban lifestyle, and the AX variant. While most features in both variants are similar, each has its own additional uniqueness.