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A Hyundai Australia team, with rally driver Brendan Reeves at the wheel, broke the world record for the distance traveled by a single-tank hydrogen-powered vehicle with the Hyundai Nexo.

The hydrogen-powered Hyundai Nexo, which is also a zero-emission vehicle, created the world record by travelling between the cities of Melbourne and Broken Hill in Australia. The Hyundai vehicle covered a distance of 887.5 kilometres. 


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1197 cc|Petrol|Manual
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The previous record of 778 kilometres was achieved by Bertrand Piccard, a French aeronaut and president of the Solar Impulse Foundation, two years ago. He too had used a Hyundai Nexo car to create the previous record.

Incidentally, the Hyundai Nexo is the first hydrogen-powered vehicle to be certified for sale in Australia.

The Hyundai Nexo has an official range of a little more than 660 kilometres on a single charge, according to the WLTP protocol. Hyundai claims it usually takes 3 to 5 minutes to recharge.

According to Brendan Reeves, the record-breaking Nexo's trip computer showed that he was still able to go on further even after covering 807 kilometres to Broken Hill, surviving much longer than anyone would have anticipated. Reeves decided to continue on to an inland town on the outskirts of Broken Hill called Silverton, where Mad Max 2 movie was also filmed. The Nexo continued with the journey till it reached 887.5 kilometres on the trip computer and finally ran out of fuel.

The non-stop journey lasted 13 hours and 6 minutes in all, and was made at an average speed of 66.9 kilometres per hour.

According to official data, the low fuel warning on the instrument panel of the used Hyundai Nexo came on for the first time when it had traveled for 686 kilometres.