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Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra has once again voiced his concerns against the idea of extending lockdowns. On Monday, he took to Twitter saying that such decisions will be economically disastrous. However, he admitted that choices before the authorities are not easy either.

Referring to an article that highlighted the 'dangerous psychological effects of lockdowns & the huge risk of neglecting non-Covid patients', Mahindra wrote, "Lockdown extensions aren't just economically disastrous, as I had tweeted earlier, but also create another medical crisis."

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Mahindra had earlier proposed a comprehensive lifting of lockdown after 49 days. On March 22, before the government announced nationwide lockdown, Mahindra had proposed such a move expressing concerns over reports that India was likely to have already reached stage 3 of coronavirus transmission.

Earlier this month, the Mahindra Group chairman had said that if lockdown is extended for much longer duration then the country will be 'risking economic hara-kiri'. He had written that while the lockdown has been able to save lakhs of lives, its further extension could lead to severe difficulties for weaker sections of the society.

"The number of new cases has risen, despite flattening the previous few days. With higher testing, a continuing rise is inevitable given the low absolute number of cases relative to our population & the rest of the world. We shouldn't expect a swift flattening of the curve," Mahindra said in a tweet.

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"India's avoided lakhs of potential deaths in its collective fight. India's death rate per million is currently 1.4 compared to the global average at 35 & the US at 228. We've also bought time to enhance medical infrastructure," Mahindra noted.

But if the lockdown is extended for much longer, the country will be risking economic hara-kiri, he tweeted.