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What good is an electric Ford F-150 pickup truck if it can't slice through snowy obstacles with as much ease as the conventional F-150? To prove that it can, and can just as easily, the American car maker recently released a video in which the e-F-150 prototype is seen painting a white landscape red with its capabilities.

Even though not much is known about the electric powertrain of the battery-powered F-150, the upcoming vehicle clearly has some major skills when it comes to tackling snowy and snowed-out road conditions. And that could well be crucial as the electric F-150 hopes to challenge the mighty likes of GM's Hummer EV and the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck.

The electric F-150 is nicely poised to emerge as a firm favourite among those looking to buy a battery-powered pickup. This is because the F-150 has been a solid performer and has led the sales charts in its segment for quite some time now. Its reputation as a go-anywhere vehicle, combined with the menacing looks of the latest version, gives it an instant connect with the American car-buying audience.

The wait for an electric F-150 though is likely to continue for now with multiple reports suggesting that while Ford is looking at a roll-out before the end of 2021, ground realities mean it could well be into early 2022 before customers welcome it. Ford has already started creating a buzz with company officials saying that more than a lifestyle pickup truck, the electric F-150 will be a workhorse with capabilities to perform in almost any conditions and on most terrain.