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Petrol and diesel prices have gone up in the national capital and stood at 88.73 per litre and 79.06 per litre, respectively on Sunday.

As compared to yesterday, the price of petrol has become costlier by 29 paise while diesel price increased by 32 paise.

Meanwhile, in Mumbai, the revised petrol and diesel prices stood at 95.21 per litre and 86.04 per litre, respectively. Currently, the fuel rates are the highest in Mumbai out of all the four metro cities.

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Among other metro cities, in Kolkata, petrol and diesel rates rose to 90.01 per litre and 82.65 per litre respectively. On the other hand, in Chennai, petrol and diesel rates rose to 90.96 per litre and 84.16 per litre, respectively.

Earlier, during her budget speech, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman had announced the imposition of Agriculture Infrastructure and Development Cess (AIDC) of 2.5 per litre on petrol and 4 per litre on diesel.

Apart from the newly added cess, rise in crude oil prices too put upward pressure on petrol and diesel prices across India, which are already at all-time highs due to the recent rally in international crude prices as well as high central and state levies.

Petrol and diesel prices are revised on a daily basis in line with the change in international crude oil prices.

(With inputs from ANI)