Porsche Macan Expert Review
4 out of 5

Excellent car packed with all stuff around all terrains in India. We feel the power under our legs and on flattening the accelerator peddle, the car just vanishes into thin air. Amazing driving experience and would like to call it a drivers car and the engine stands very obedient to the driver makin...

g the driver the king.I was also amazed by the fuel economy of around 13kmpl in spite of non-compromising performance. The interiors are just awesome and hug the person and a bit disappointed with rear-seat space as it was not comfortable for a 6ft guy to sit in the rear with the front seat adjusted to extreme back, but after all, we know that Porsche is a drivers car and not an owner so rear seating doesn't matter much. The transmission is just awesome with seamless gear shifts and paddle shifts make it a bit sporty. Overall very much happy with the drive and response of engine which comes with a power of around 250 bhp and 300nm torque.

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