Why is Mercedes-Benz taking its premium EVs to Arctic Circle?

Mercedes-Benz exposed its electric vehicles namely EQE, EQS, EQS SUV and EQE SUV to the harshest conditions of Arctic Circle in an endurance test

The team tested the latest generation of brake control systems in these EVs

In a temperature of -26 degrees, along with the braking system, the team also tested the EVs on parameters such as safety, efficiency and driving comfort

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With a new generation of stability control systems on the way, the carmaker shared that it will be possible to precisely control the torque at the wheels 

The EVs were driven to the region's highest mountain as well to put pressure on their stability systems

Mercedes-Benz said that most of the customers will never come to know the extend to which the vehicles are pushed to ensure utmost safety and efficiency

The premium carmaker is aiming for full electrification by the end of this decade

This powerful Mercedes AMG is launching today
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